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Fiji has more than 333 islands to choose from and almost any fun activity to choose from. Visiting the Fiji islands will reassure one thing, that is everyone will go home with memorable days and nights that will last a lifetime. While in Fiji, visitors can choose to hike up a mountain, raft on white waters, or sure across and above the ocean. There is also many things for couples to do for some romance activities along with diving, exploring and much more. Some of the islands include Nadi, Denarau Island, Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, Coral Coast, Sun Coast, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Pacific Harbour, Suva, Lomaiviti, and Kadavu. In Fiji everywhere you go you will hear Bula! It means Hello, Cheers, Welcome, any kind of greeting. A lot of people going to Fiji go for the sun and sea on the many islands. The swimming, surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and much more is awaiting. The diving is no less than amazing here in Fiji and visitors can swim with sharks in Southern Viti Levu and the Coral Coast. Manta Rays are known to be off Nacula or floating in a coral in Ovalau and the Lomaiviti Group.

On the interior of Fiji there are hills that are covered with extinct volcanic craters, giant waterfalls, and panoramic views. Fiji has a natural beauty that also has a fascinating culture and history behind it. There are many mountain villages, archaeological sites and beautiful Hindu temples. Fiji is ready for anyone whether its a family vacation, couples, backpackers, retirees, adventurers, or beach bums. The wet season in Fiji starts in November to April but the heaviest rains are between December and mid April. Most people like to visit Fiji during what is called Fijian winter or dry season which starts in May and goes until October. This is the season when its not so rainy and has low humidity. The islands of Fiji are arranged in a horseshoe configuration. it is an upside down U-shaped archipelago that encloses the Koro Sea. All together the islands are 1,290,000 square km and scattered all over the South Pacific Ocean.

Fiji was once known as the "Cannibal Isles" but is now a colorful crossroads of  South Pacific travel. There are more than 100 of the 333 islands that are inhabited by a rich combination of vibrant, buoyant Melanesians, East Indians, Polynesians, Micronesians, Chinese, and Europeans. Each of them have a cuisine and culture of their own. On the Fiji Islands there are mixtures between the cultures such as Melanesia with Polynesia, ancient India with Pacific, and so on for a unique blend. Fiji has anything and everything a person could want to see, eat and explore while on vacation. There is great hotels and resorts, amazing food and accommodations, nightlife, historic sites, hiking, kayaking, camping, surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

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Mamanuca Islands in Fiji

Attractions in Fiji

  Mamanuca Island Day Cruise is a small collection of over 30 tiny islands that are sitting rigfht off the coast of Nadi. There are about 10 luxury resorts on the islands. Visitors to these islands can do a day cruise to many of them in the same day. There are fast resort transfer boats that go to South Sea Island, Mana Island Resort, Castaway Island Resort and Malolo Island Resort. On the boats are some day trippers that can get on and off at any of these islands for a day of fun in the sun. The best and most popular cruise is with the Coral Cat due to the dolphin watching, line fishing, and snorkeling off Malolo Barrier Reef followed by a beach BBQ at musket Cove Marina.

The Sigatoka River Safari is know to be Fiji's Original jet boat safari. This safari is half a day long and is an adventure into the heart of Fiji. Each boat that run these safari's are custom built jet boats. The safari will start by going up the Sigatoka River to the Fijian Villages to experience how the real life in Fiji is. The guide and driver of the jet boat will bring each tour/safari experience to life by introducing everyone to the rich culture of the people who live in Fiji and their history and customs. Each driver of these jet boats are trained by Neil Ross who is a boat builder, pioneer, and former World Marathon Jet Boat Champion. Each safari is done with pride and takes great care in their involvement with the environment in Fiji.

Rivers Fiji are part of the experience and is a must when visiting. There are so many things to do on the rivers in Fiji. The Rivers Fiji company has been in business for over 25 years. Even if it's your first time experiencing white water rafting, Rivers Fiji has classes for beginners and experienced refreshers courses just incase. Seeing Fiji by river is one of the most spectacular experiences ever. Its a floating terrain of comfort when going down the Upper Navua Gorge and Wainikoroiluva which are two of the country's premier liquid pathways. Rivers Fiji also offer Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling incredible coral reefs. These rivers will take you through lush mangrove forests on the Deuba Coast. The sites and scenes are beautiful and amazing.

The waters of Fiji are what attracts most visitors to the islands. This includes surfing which is one of the main attractions. The water is warm and the surf is abundant. Fiji has the third most largest barrier reef in the world which tells visitors that the waves are best found by boat not by just paddling out. However, there are some beaches that have good access to the waves which offer a great surf condition. Of course there are many diving options in Fiji as well which is another popular attraction. The Northern Islands and kadavu are the most popular for the underwater adventures. The most superb diving areas are at the Beqa Lagoon and Coral Coast. Kayaking is another attraction in Fiji that is starting to pick up the tourism which is a fantastic way to explore Fiji.

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J. Hunter Pearls in Fiji

Things to do and see in Fiji

The Zip Line in Fiji is called Zip Fiji and it is the newest fun adventure in Fiji. Experiencing the Zip Fiji would be such an adrenalin rush that you would never forget. It takes you through a lush tropical rainforest on what is said to be the most thrilling zip lines in the South Pacific. It is also said to be the only canopy zip line in the South Pacific as well. The zip line is located just a short twenty minutes from Pacific Harbour. Zip Fiji has their very own eco-reserve located right in the heart of the tropical forest of the Wainadoi mountains. This adventure will give you the chance to experience the rainforest at a different perspective than usual. The zip lines are about 90 feet above the forest floor and visitors swing from platform to platform all while taking in beautiful views of the rainforest.

     The Sabeto Hot Springs is located between Nadi and Lautoka which can be reached by the Queens Highway by the Sleeping Giants mountain formations. This will lead you down a dirt road and then right to the Sabeto Hot Springs which is also known as the Sabeto Mud Baths. Due to the sulfur in the hot springs, locals like to think the springs have healing properties. This is a popular attraction for locals and visitors just the same. There are three hot spring pools that are set in a lush natural environment. Travelers and locals like to immerse themselves into the hot springs pool to enjoy the relaxing natural mud baths while applying the mud on yourself and your friends.

Fiji Swims are a tradition for Fijian locals and contains an series of open water ocean swims. These Fiji Swims have been going on since 2004 and are held in the Mamanuca Islands. The swimmers include ages as young as 7 years old as well as some of the best swimmers of all who are Olympic Gold medal winners such as Shane Gould, Murray Rose and John Konrads. There are many different swims such as the 18km Fiji Swim, 2.7km Fiji Swim Beachcomber Island, 1km Fiji Swim Treasure Island to Beachcomber Island, and many others. There is also a swim that is called "Beach to Boat to Bar" race and it starts at the bar and every swimmer has to wear flippers. They race down to the ocean from the bar swim around the boat which is 250m and then race back to the bar to chug down their drink. It has viewers rolling with laughter. 

J. Hunter Pearls is an award winning Pearl Farm in Savusavu. It is located in Savusavu Town on Vanua Levu Island just north of Fiji. Justin Hunter not only grows the world's best pearl but he is committed to keeping the environment of Fiji in a great condition. he also provides jobs for the needy and School Scholarships for the kids who deserve it. Justin went back to his home in Fiji to start his pearl company in the year 2000. He showed off his new bold pearl farming techniques to everyone and showed that he was serious. Growing pearls has always been Justin's dream and he now has achieved that with the being the world's best. His jewelry is exquisite and beautiful.